The exclusive Premium Loyalty Card

This Premium Loyalty Card is an exclusive member card special offered for our customer who purchase car in Puncak Merak Sdn Bhd and associated companies only.

Member who had this Premium Loyalty Card Member may enjoy benefit in our after sales service :

  1. 5% discount on after sales ( excluding tyres and lubricant )
  2. Spending RM1 = 1 bonus point
  3. Road tax & insurance reminder service
  4. Double point on Birthday Month
  5. Enjoy free renewal with the record up to Bonus Point 3000
  6. Every car referral with get 1000 bonus point
  7. Car repurchase ( owner or introducer) will get 5000 bonus point

Terms & Conditions apply *

1 RM100 service voucher BP2500
2 RM20 service voucher BP500
3 Proton UV umbrella BP750
4 Front Video Recorder Cam BP1500
5 Proton Tumbler BP800
6 Safety full car tinted 4mil BP4000
7 Xiao Mi Band 4 OLED touch screen watch BP2800